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There are many options and combinations of care. Let's connect on what is best for you and your family! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Pregnancy Support

Support during pregnancy is important as well as birth and postpartum. Prenatal support could look like going for a walk, helping you set up your baby's nursery or talking about resources and tips and tricks. Prenatal doula support helps you gain confidence and feel more comfortable and prepared for birth. This support includes monthly meetings (in person), phone calls/facetime, and 24/7 text support 


There is also the option to have me run errands for you! 

Postpartum Care

Postpartum doula care is unique to what it is you and your family are needing. Whether it is holding your baby while you rest, shower, or eat, feeding support, vacuuming, folding clothes or providing judgement free listening. I am here to help. The postpartum period is a really unique time in your life and my goal is to make sure you never feel alone. I provide postpartum support through in person visits at your home, 24/7 texting, and phone calls/facetime. We sit down and figure out how long and frequent you would like the visits to be. There are also options for grocery shopping/running to the store for you. 

Birth Support

Birth doula care combines pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. We will have prenatal meetings to look at how I can be the best support system for you and your family. Birth support includes prenatal meetings, support during labor and birth, 24/7 text support & calls/facetime, and two postpartum visits within the first two weeks of being home with your baby.

Let's chat about care for you!

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